Streamer Rules:

Any player streaming an MGL tournament must have a delay of at least 60 seconds in order to prevent stream sniping. Failure to do so may result in a forfeit or replay of the match. All tournament video replays must be made available to public non-subscribers or sent to MGL admins. Any stream overlays such as images, gifs, auto-played sounds, donation live-reading, etc. or any other streamer-installed elements deemed inappropriate by MGL admins will result in disqualification and banning from future events. To minimize risk, all on-screen chat overlays should also be hidden during gameplay along with any other commercial branding not associated with MGL tournaments. IF the streamer MUST play music during their stream, ONLY no-copyright music is allowed. If you are in need of playlists please contact Enchatin and he will assist you on finding the appropriate music. Broadcast of unlicensed or copyrighted songs is prohibited and will result in forfeit.

  • For verification purposes, each streamer must have the “Realm Sundays” logo or the customized team tournament scoreboard displayed on stream during the entire tournament gameplay. Any streams without this identifier will forfeit their games and will be disqualified.

Players must only play with their registered teammate, unauthorized players will be disqualified.

Teammates MUST queue as different classes. Double-classes are not allowed e.g. you may not queue for a match as double assassins. Double-classing will disqualify the match and your team will forfeit that week’s tournament.


Each weekly tournament will consist of 7 streamer-duo games played consecutively by each competing team. Teams will have 4 hours to complete 7 games and must submit their scores via screenshot to the submissions portal on the MGL Discord immediately after the game is finished. Any games not finished before 5pm ET will result in a score of 0 for those games. The scores tallied from all 7 matches will be calculated into a final score that will determine the winner. The total number of players will be determined weekly by the number of registered entrants. To be qualified to enter, one of the registered entrants MUST be a streamer on either Twitch, YouTube, Mixer or Facebook Gaming.


BOTH Players must be registered on to be eligible to play. Each week, the tournament will commence at 1pm ET on Sundays, teams will then queue up in their respective duos to begin the tournament competition rounds . Teams earn points based on the scoring structure defined below. The team with the highest total points earned after 7 games will be the victor. Teams may queue up in the duos queue (not squads) on either EU or NA east servers.


The Scoring will be as follows: (PER individual game)

Kills = 1 point

Crown Royale = 7 points

10 kill bonus = 3 bonus points (does not stack with other bonus points)

15 kill bonus = 8 bonus points (does not stack with other bonus points)

20 kill bonus = 13 bonus points (does not stack with other bonus points)

Example: A team with 17 kills total and wins the Crown Royale will achieve 32 points

  • 17 kills = 17 points
  • Crown Royale = 7 points
  • 15 kill bonus = 8 points      ( Note: No 10 kill bonus)
  • Added together = 32 points

Match Procedure:

Any player who fails to respond and or goes afk for a excessive amount of time may be disqualified from the tournament.

All forfeits will be handled by a MGL admin

Admins should be consulted for any questions regarding rules or procedural matters, tournament organizers have final say in all matters.

After each game the streamer / team captain is to send both players screenshots to the admin assigned along with the total score for each game. If unsure how to calculate score or are unsure the admin will be able to help you calculate the total. The admin may be found in the streamer chat section of the discord.

Prize Support:

Realm Sundays, produced by Tourney Kings and powered by WWG, has a prize pool of $1,000.00 USD. The breakdown and payment is below:

  • 1st place – $550.00
  • 2nd place – $250.00
  • 3rd place – $100.00
  • Bounties – $100.00
    • Highest Team Points in a single game – $20.00
    • 1st 20-kill game – $20.00
    • Most eliminations by a single player for any one game – $20.00
    • Best Clips – 2 x $20.00
      • Streamers are encouraged not only to clip themselves but also utilize their fans and viewers to make clips of their phenomenal plays. At the end of each game, streamers may submit their clips to the MGL Discord for review to see if they are indeed the “Clips of the Week”. The two best will be selected by the tournament organizers and paid accordingly. Prizes can only be won once per week, so two different streamers will be awarded this bounty after each tournament.

Prize support will be paid via Paypal, winners will be required to submit their payment info within 48 hours to tournament organizers. Proof of legal age must be submitted prior to payment. Payee assumes all Paypal fees associated with prize payout. Winners will be paid “as a team” to promote cooperative gameplay, and so nobody fights over chickens.


Each week an MVP will be selected by the Tournament Organizers.

Code​ ​of​ ​Conduct:

All competitors and associated team staff are required to behave honestly and respectfully towards competitors, tournament mods and admins, and tournament organizers. Individuals or staff found in violation risk disqualification or bans from MGL tournaments.

Insults and offensive behaviors are not tolerated during MGL tournaments. This includes in-game chat, social media and any official tournament communication channels.

Offensive behavior can be categorized as but not limited to the following:

– Racism

– Bullying

– Pornographic content

– Stalking

– Sexual harassment

– Excessive cursing

– Extremist statements

– Unsportsmanlike conduct

– Sexism

– Religious

– Collusion (outside of your duo/stream partner)

Violations may result in loss of prize money, tournament disqualification, or disqualification from future events. Violations are handled on a case-by-case basis by tournament admins and organizers. Tournament​ ​Rules ​Amendments These tournament rules are subject to change and may be amended at any point during the competition. For a most up to date version of these rules, visit, all players must abide by the Realm Royale and Twitch terms of service.