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MGL Worlds Presents a new Tournament Feature

Realm Sundays

An exciting and innovative new series of weekly tournaments from Tourney Kings, the producers of the global sensation MGL Worlds. Realm Sundays! A live cast "streamer-duo" tournament competition in the brand new EPIC Battle Royale game, Realm Royale! Presented by World Wide Gaming. 1PM ET, Sundays!

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Feel the rush, endure the hype, lets start gaming!


REALM SUNDAYS is a brand new tournament series with amazing casters, streamers and an exciting new game from the same production team that you know and trust to deliver an amazing product. Sign Up Now and find out more in our Discord.


Watch the Action

MGL WORLDS TWICH Watch Enchatin Cast the Match

Realm Sundays, produced by Tourney Kings in association with MGL Worlds and powered by WWG, is a community-driven tournament of Streamer-Duos battling for domination and global exposure.

  • Prizepool $1,000

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